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"Where there are no guarantees of property there are no limits to state authority and no regulatory bodies of law, and hence no guarantee of individual liberty, or civil rights".

Richard Pipes

PACE strongly condemns crimes of totalitarian communist regimes. PACE Press release. Strasbourg, 25.01.2006 – The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) strongly condemned the massive human rights violations committed by totalitarian communist regimes and expressed sympathy, understanding and recognition for the victims of these crimes.

Parliamentary Assembly: Resolution 1481 (2006)1
Need for international condemnation of crimes of totalitarian communist regimes. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 1096 (1996) on measures to dismantle the heritage of the former communist totalitarian systems.

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Property restitution news

15.04.2007, Javier Espinoza, The Observer, Franco's victims fight again in a war of the obituaries

30.03.2007, Mark Landler,The International Herald Tribune, German company pays Jewish family for Nazi-era confiscation

30.03.2007, The International Herald Tribune, Mark Landler, German company pays Jewish family for Nazi-era confiscation

13.03.2007, Drasko Djenovic, TOL, Pray for Restitution

14.12.2006, Danny Wood, BBC News, Spain debates Franco reparations

13.12.2006, Hilda Hoy, The Prague Post, Habsburg heir claims castle

August 2006, The Public International Law & Policy Group, Economic Reconstruction: Property Restitution

18.07.2006, Danny Wood, BBC News, Civil War legacy divides Spain

31.10.2006 Frankfurter Allgemeine, Deutsche Vertriebene, Die offene Vermögensfrage, Von Reinhard Müller: Gesten und Mienen: Merkel neben Kaczynski 2006

30.10.2006 Expatica, Merkel wants closer energy links with Poland

29.10.2006 Edmonton Journal, Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, Former Polish aristocrats sue CIA over alleged seizure of Warsaw home $275M suit launched by Canadian family says U.S. conspired with Communists

Press release 19.10.2006, European Remembrance Centre, Alexandra Mareschi, Secretary-General

12.10.2006 Herald Tribune Europe. French lawmakers approve bill on Armenian genocide The Associated Press

02.10.2006 Greens Support Lawsuit Seeking Restitution From Financial Firms That Profited From Slavery Green Party of the United States, Scott McLarty, Starlene Rankin

19.09.2006 American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Claims conference: Lithuania to pay restitution for property

The Prague Daily Monitor: Nobleman withdraws claim for Slatinany estate

19.09.2006 BusinessWeek Online, Europe, By William Boston: Final Act Looms in Nazi Restitution Case

06.09.2006 The Jewish Daily, Marilyn Henry, Pressure Russia To Reveal Looted Art’s Heritage

06.09.2006 Georgi Mitev-Shantek, Southeast European Times: Serbia drags its feet on restitution

05.09.2006 Polish Falcons of America Private Property Restitution Case Dismissed By Courts

28.08.2006 The Associated Press, German retailer vows battle over Jewish property claim in Berlin

24.08.2006 Sofia News Agency, Prosecutors Start Probe into Saxe-Coburg's Property Restitution

20.08.2006 Miami Global Lessons on Restitution

August 2006 JDC, Achieving Justice Through Property Restitution in Former Yugoslavia

August 2006 American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Achieving Justice Through Property Restitution in Former Yugoslavia

29.07.2006 DW-World, Central Europe's Aristocrats Want Ancestral Fortunes Back

21.07.2006 Dinah Spritzer, Around the Jewish World: Bosnian Jews up in arms about restitution law that favors Muslims

16.07.2006 Daily News, by Corky Siemanszko, Lost home in Poland

11.07.2006 Ambassador Edward O'Donnell delivered at the annual meeting of the Claims Conference Board of Directors, United States Government Reaffirms Support for Efforts of Claims Conference:

July 2006 Jewish Currents, Daniel Kadden, Controversies over Organizational Accountability

28.06.2006 CTK, Czech diplomats ask Serbia to extend restitution deadline

20.06.2006, Drasko Djenovic, SERBIA: Restitution Law passed

03.05.2006 Source: Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University (RSC), New housing, land and property restitution rights (from "Forced Migration Review" Issue 25, by Scott Leckie: The UN’s Pinheiro Principles represent the first consolidated global standard on the housing, land and property restitution rights of displaced people.

03.05.2006 Scott Leckie, New housing, land and property restitution rights

18.03.2006 Congressman John Conyers, Jurist. The reparations movement is grounded in the civil rights movement and the social justice movements of the 1960s – 1980s.

04.03.2006 Concurring Opinions, Reparations within the Rule of Law, by Kaimipono D. Wenger

19.12.2005 United Kingdom Parliament, House of Commons, Column 2490W—continued

01.03. 2004 Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Jewish Political Studies Review

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